Free Online Planning - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Welcome to our self directed, online planning. An easy-to-use space planner to help you create and share plans of your Outdoor Fitness Zone. You'll be able to open a FREE account, email, print your plans, and/or save them for later revisions. When signing up for an account you'll have the opportunity to "opt-out" from receiving any promotional materials from us. If you do decide "opt-in" you'll be eligible for future equipment discounts. We DO NOT SHARE contact information with any outside sources.

After signing up for an account you'll also be able to Request a Quote from us.

This online planner is Flash based, but can still be used by the Apple iPhone, and iPad. Please download Puffin, a iOS internet browser which allows Flash based content to be viewed and manipulated on the iPad. This turns your iPad (or iPhone) into an outdoor planning tool that can be used in-the-field. After installing the App just return to our planning URL, or this webpage via the Puffin Internet Browser. For more information contact us at

You can Download more detailed Planner Instructions by clicking here: