TriActive America's fitness experts have taken the guesswork out of deciding which products are right for your needs.  From a kid-friendly education exercise arrangement, to the perfect fitness trail, to a military exercise series, we've created fitness packages to meet every need and budget. Click (tap) on logo below for more information


Muscle Beach Gym - Nine stations, 11 simultaneous users. Comprised of our premier E-Line of equipment, very durable. 

10% discount

Lean-N-Green Gym - Eight stations, 15 simultaneous users. Great all around package for those on a budget. 

10% discount


Let's Move Kids - Six stations, 6-10 simultaneous users. Child oriented, our least expensive package. 

10% discount

Challenger - Nine stations, 14-17 simultaneous users. Very low maintenance static equipment, durable, budget priced. 

10% discount>

Bust Your Butt - Five types of equipment, 18-22 simultaneous users. Very durable, large scale, our most extreme gauntlet hardware. 


CrossTrain - Six stations, E-Line equipment, 20-24 simultaneous users. Very durable, large scale. Made for latest exercise trends. 

Trail Blazer - Eleven  stations, 15-18 simultaneous users. Inclusion along trails emphasizing upper body strength & flexibility. 

10% discount

Olympian - Fifteen stations, 22-25 simultaneous users. Our largest package, very low maintenance, durable, wide variation of exercise. 

10% discount

Dr. John Spencer Ellis (JSE) the premier fitness expert, co-developed these packages and exercise programs with our engineers and is available in two different packages.  John is the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and Get America Fit Foundation, and is on the advisory boards of the National Health, Wellness and Prevention Congress and Conference for Healthy Living.


Adventure Boot Camp, Basic • Eleven stations, 13-15 simultaneous users. Good mix of exercises, customized curriculum from fitness expert JSE.

Adventure Boot Camp, Complete • Fifteen stations, 18-20 simultaneous users. Our most diverse exercise mix, customized curriculum from fitness expert JSE