Installation - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment packageOur equipment has been installed in a wide variety of environments, ranging from home backyards ... to beaches ... to cruise ship decks! The equipment is purposely designed for easy installation and adaptable to most situations. Our competitors typically require more expensive methods of installation. Our equipment is surface mountable and is usually secured to the ground with concrete footings. Maintenance crews and construction laborers can perform this work easily, but non-professionals and volunteers have done installations as well. We provide detailed instructions showing the minimum installation requirements you'll need (Click here for Installation instruction sample).

When planning an installation our customer service staff can answer any questions you might have about the process. Though TriActive America does not do installations, our sales reps can direct you to companies in your area that can. Another installation resource is the International Playground Contractors Association. Their website can suggest qualified, licensed contractors who are familiar with these types of projects.



There are several types of surfacing options available, e.g. concrete, wood chips, rubber tiles, poured-in-place rubber, astro-turf, etc. (we discourage the use of decomposed granite or sand).  There's a trend for customers to install equipment in existing spaces on their properties, re-purposing an under-used area, i.e., a shuffle board, bocce ball surface, tennis court, basketball court, asphalt driveway, or other easement. 

Again ... we don't install surfacing, but can direct you to companies who do. In any case we are available to assist you with any surfacing or planning questions you might have.



Engineered Wood Fibers (EWF)                     Poured in Place Rubber                                    Existing Concrete