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Step and Twist

  • The latest version of this equipment allows for variable arm length (permanent) installation.

Product ID#: STTW

In considering the general size of your population, this equipment now has variable installation features. Two people can use this highly popular equipment at the same time and enjoy two unique exercises. The stepper component strengthens your legs and improves your cardiovascular fitness and lower body coordination. Hop on the waist-whittling twister area to work your abdominal area, stretch your back and improve your flexibility.

For your benefit, TriActive Fitness products are frequently re-designed.  The versions of the products shown on our website and in our printed catalog may slightly differ from those that we have available.  Please contact TriActive America or your local TriActive sales representative to ensure that you will receive the version you expect. 

GSA-approved: Contract # GS-03F-0098V, Schedule 192-08 Fitness Equipment (Click link below for product).


Simultaneous Users: 2

Length:  60” (1.52m) can vary
Width:  30” (0.76m)
Height:  80” (2.03m)
Weight: 178 lbs (combined weight of 3 units) 


Function:  Cardiovascular
Muscles Activated:  Quadriceps/Front of Thighs, Calves, Abdominals
Exercises to Perform:  Stepping and Lower Body Rotations
Recommended Users:  Adults

The equipment video is for demonstration purposes only. The design of the equipment may vary but has a very similar function.