Product Details

Seated Chest Press Wheelchair

Product ID#: SCPS1-W

This is a wheelchair version of our popular seller that provides an optimal range of motion while you lift weights as resistance. It has a unique dual weight system. The product develops strength in the chest, front of the shoulders, and triceps, providing a smooth range of motion. This equipment has had a safety update, and redesigned to eliminate all external pinch & crush points as per ASTM standards.

Also available in our TriActive Fitness Line (link here).

For your benefit, TriActive Fitness products are frequently re-designed.  The versions of the products shown on our website and in our printed catalog may slightly differ from those that we have available.  Please contact TriActive America or your local TriActive sales representative to ensure that you will receive the version that you expect. 

Simultaneous Users: 1

Length: 72"
Width:  38" 
Height: 70"
Weight: 405 lbs.