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Recumbent Bike

  • Outdoor fitness equipment recumbent bike
  • The Recumbent Bike can also be used as a wheelchair accessible station.

  • Outdoor fitness equipment recumbent bike

    Depending on the average size of a use-population, the installation is permanently adjustable.

  • Outdoor fitness equipment recumbent bike
  • Outdoor fitness equipment recumbent bike


In considering the general size of your population, this equipment now has variable installation features.

Product ID#: RBIK

Get the cardio benefits of cycling with full back support.  This equipment offers a low-impact, ease-of-use pedaling action for strengthening thighs, glutes, calves, and even abs. This equipment also allows easy access for wheelchair users. 

With the new redesign of this equipment it can now be permanently installed in variable leg length conguration. This new feature allows for differences in the average height of the populations who might be using it, i.e., shorter installation for children, longer for adults. 

For your benefit, TriActive Fitness products are frequently re-designed.  The versions of the products shown on our website and in our printed catalog may slightly differ from those that we have available.  Please contact TriActive America or your local TriActive sales representative to ensure that you will receive the version that you expect.

GSA-approved: Contract # GS-03F-0098V, Schedule 192-08 Fitness Equipment (Click link below for product).


Simultaneous Users: 1

Length:  54" (1.37m) can vary
Width:  24” (.60m)
Height:  31” (.78m)
Weight: 153 lbs (combined units)


Function:  Cardio
Muscles Activated:  Lower Body
Exercises to Perform:  Stationary cycling
Recommended Users:  Kids, Adults and Seniors

Note: This equipment can be permanently installed with variable average leg lenghts for a particular population. Once installed this is a non-movable situation. There's a certain leeway if a user postions themselves on the seat closer, or further away from the wheel. 

Additional training tips will become available soon, with more comprehensive details on effective workouts and variations to improve training techniques on this product. Check back here again for downloadable instruction sheets, videos, and podcasts!