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The Plyoboxes provide basic yet effective training equipment for a variety of intense exercises, aerobics, and stretches. Great for fitness trails or challenge courses, this product tests and develops physical coordination and agility by using Plyometric exercises to jump over and on the boxes.

Function: Balance & Coordination
Muscles Activated: Lower Body
Exercises to Perform: Jumping, also Push-ups
Recommended Users: Adults and Kids

GSA-approved: Contract # GS-03F-0098V, Schedule 192-08 Fitness Equipment (Click Below for more information).


Simultaneous Users: 2

Layout Length (as shown): 96” 
Layout Width (as shown): 30” 
Layout Height (as shown): 24”

The dimensions shown are based on one suggested layout.

These boxes can be arranged in any configuration.

Box 1 measures 20” x 20” x 12”H, Weight, 42 lbs
Box 2 measures 24” x 24” x 21”H, Weight, 60 lbs
Weight of all rwo boxes combined: 102 lbs. 


1.) Choose one box or a combination of boxes to jump onto - make sure your abilities will allow you to safely perform jumps.

2.) Keep your hands on your sides or out in front of you for balance. Jump with both feet together and land with both feet together. Stay balanced and focused with each jump.

3.) Perform jumps at different heights, or in combination with other boxes.

4.) Perform one-foot step-ups at a quick pace for a cardiovascular workout.

5.) Do dips or push-ups at the edges of each box.