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Horizontal Ladder

  • Some assembly is required with the Horizontal Ladder

Product ID# HLAD

The familiar park piece is an effective fitness device for building shoulder, bicep and handgrip strength. Perform chin-ups or just hang to develop strength and stretch your upper body.

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GSA-approved: Contract # GS-03F-0098V, Schedule 192-08 Fitness Equipment (Click Below for more information).


Simultaneous Users: 2-3

Length:  122” (3.09m)
Width:  50” (1.27m)
Height:  90” (2.28m)
Installed Handlebar Height:  84” (2.13m)
Weight:  240 lbs

Function:  Strength
Muscles Activated:  Hand Grip, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders
Exercises to Perform:  Hanging arm walk, also Pull-ups, Stretching
Recommended Users:  Kids and Adults

Additional training tips will become available soon, with more comprehensive details on effective workouts and variations to improve training techniques on this product.