Testimonials - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

"Our research demonstrates the major impact this equipment can have in creating a change in behavior and promoting healthier lifestyles in our community. When we do future refurbishment we are thinking about having more outdoor fitness equipment installed – it has proved not to be a passing fad."

Russel Reeve, Park Manager

"Once you get it installed, other communities see it, and want it in their town. It's easy, it's cheap, and free to users."

Dr. John Noble, University of Nebraska

"In purchasing this equipment we made a difference by supporting public access to fitness."

Marc Sarnoff, Miami Commissioner 

"TriActive America equipment ... a first of its kind in the Bay Area, is helping injured veterans rebuild their lives." 

Tim Didon - ABC News - San Francisco

"Most gym equipment is designed for people who can stand and move around. This was created just for us." 

Wounded Warrior, Marine Sargent, J.R. Pierce, 

“We know, scientifically, that exercising outdoors increases endorphins which decreases depression, a problem in the spinal cord injured patients. It also increases happiness." 

Dr. Wendy Thanassi, Director of Occupational Therapy, Veterans Administration

"TriActive America is the only outdoor fitness company that manufactures it's unique equipment totally in the U.S.A."  

Brian O'Connor, editor Kinetic Shift

"TriActive's outdoor gyms often become natural gathering spots for neighbors, building stronger communities as well as individual endurance.

Lawrence Harmon, Boston Globe Columnist

"The exercise equipment is securely rigged, tamper resistant, and helping build better citizens at corrections facilities."

Christine St. Pierre, Contributing Editor, Corrections Forum