Trails - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

• Triactive Equipment along a trail is synergetic.

• It complements the typical lower body exercise along trails with upper body workouts. 

• Hikers, joggers, and cyclists punctuate their routines with a variety of exercise.

• Equipment helps burn more calories per mile. 

• Equipment is easily installed on most surfaces. 

• Equipment like the Multi-Bench serves two purposes ... trail side seating, and a exercise platform.

We will assist in planning your trails with our equipment, SEE A SAMPLE LAYOUT HERECall 800-587-4228 for more information.

Memorial Park Walkway - Pasadena, CA        The Lakefront Trail - Chicago, IL                    Community Trail - Eagan, MN

Beach side Trail - Miami Beach, FL                 Public School Fitness Trail - Adrian MI            Jaycee Park Trail - Cape Coral, FL