Kids - Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The obvious answer to solving this crisis is getting kids to exercise. With all of the sedentary distractions these days that's not an easy task. We have designed TriActive Kids equipment to make exercise feel like play, which means young people will want to use it.

TriActive Kids apparatus is safe and effective. Look for our KidZ-OK logo in our catalog that highlights equipment we suggest for children oriented installations. These suggestions can also be filtered on our Products webpage. This equipment usually has no moving parts, is easy to use, has no emtrapment risk or areas to catch loose hair, and is designed to be low to the ground to reduce fall height concerns. 

The cost of a TriActive fitness system is similar to a playground installation. We specialize in working within your budgetary constraints and providing the most economical approach to your circumstances. Whether you are a parent, a relative, a teacher, an administrator, a coach, or a concerned citizen, help the children in your life to get fit and stay active by investing in TriActive Kids outdoor fitness equipment.

Parents! ... why not workout instead of just watching your kids on the playground? ... See How Here 

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