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Outside Fitness Equipment and Facing Challenges

It is amazing the difference in attitude and perspective from when you are twenty and when you are sixty. When I was younger, I remember feeling like I had the world on a string and it revolved around me.  This gradually changed as I got older and started to confront health challenges.  I would imagine that this is a very common challenge. However, with challenge comes opportunity.

As a young man, I remember my mother telling me “that every time a door closes, a window opens”.  You have to be proactive and look for that window of opportunity.  I cringed every time she said this, but over time I discovered that she was right. There were several jobs I didn’t get but then I got the really good job, I decided that what I perceived as failure was actually teaching me about patience and finding opportunity. Patience is one thing I have developed as I encountered a spate of health issues. How many times have we waited for doctor appointments, shown up on time and then were forced to wait?  My primary care physician told me when I asked him why I had to wait, “that in this day of rushed medicine, he spends as much time with each patient as their condition requires”.

I found this to be true in my experiences. I ended up in the ER, after having torn my patella tendon on my right knee. The surgeon had to cancel or postpone his appointments to deal with my emergency. Weeks later, I had to wait for my follow up appointment. I waited for a while, checked with the nurse and learned he had been in emergency surgery and his appointments were delayed. During this process, I was extremely patient.

All of this can be applied to our daily lives.  My company, TriActive America develops Outside Fitness Equipment and started the outdoor fitness industry in North America. I started a new, totally new business in a totally new industry, at 63 years of age. We make Outside Fitness Equipment that is made in the USA and is an ideal fitness solution in every community’s fight in battling the bulge and doing our part to give people the opportunity to overcome the health challenges in their lives.

I attended a program from Kaiser Hospitals on the topic of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and its effect on young children.  Evidently our fast food, high carb snacks and soft drinks had dramatically increased the incidence of diabetes in children as young as five.This motivated me to do what I could to help deal with this condition.  It was at this time when I really around and noted how many people, were obese. In comparison, during my youth in the 1950’s you seldom saw people who were obese.  We walked a lot more; kids played outside a lot more and our diets were much healthier.  Snacks coming home from school were raw carrots, celery and green onions. Potato chips and the like were for special occasions, like when we had company. Yes we had drinks such as soda, but this was more of a treat and not a daily indulgence.

My whole point to this article is to encourage you to open your eyes and look around.  If you are in poor physical condition, the likelihood is that you will experience one or more serious health issues.  I exercise regularly and often challenge myself by increasing weight and repetitions.  I find that that this helps me increase my metabolism, which means when I eat, the food that I eat is used as fuel to run my body and not stored around my stomach.

Coming back to challenges and opportunities, if you are one of nearly 40% of the adult population who is overweight or obese, and if your exercise is limited to pushing the remote, then you face a major challenge. The opportunity in this challenge is to join the growing movement of people who consume a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat meats and fish, no carbonated soft drinks, and an increase in physical activity. That means not being a “couch potato” and going outside to take a walk.  Instead of the elevator, take the stairs.  When you go to the shopping center, park out on the edge and walk in.  I used to manage a regional shopping center and to set an example for my employees and tenants and their staff by doing this.

As your healthy glow begins to grow it’s time to add to your activity program. This would include things such as participating in sports, going to the gym, and doing pushups and planks at home to name a few examples. Things such as these combined with a healthy diet can help improve your lifestyle.  One good thing from all this activity, when you sit down to eat, you will find that you are drawn to the healthier food, and that your appetite is satisfied with smaller portions.  That’s your body telling you that you are doing well.

When it comes to snacks and soft drinks, you can still enjoy them as a treat but don’t make it a daily indulgence. One thing I encourage you to do is to do what we did in the 1950’s and make these a treat, a reward for your healthy behavior.  Believe me, doing this is better than laying in a bed in a hospital, or having to ride around in a scooter. If you are facing health challenges, I encourage you to look for the opportunities around the corner that can help improve the quality of life. Good luck and good health.

Living with Cancer and Exercising

I have a good friend who has been dealing with stage four lung cancer for over two years. Her original prognosis was that she had eighteen months to live. She went on Chemotherapy but continued her very busy life, as if nothing had changed. She is a successful business woman, leads an active lifestyle, travels frequently and very importantly, she exercises 6 to 7 days a week. Her routine includes classes, yoga, cardio and strength.

She recently ended chemotherapy and moved onto one of the new series of drugs. She attributes her ability to deal with cancer and the treatments to her very active life and her focus on exercise as a way to deal with the effects of the chemotherapy and to strengthen her body to deal with the chemotherapy. She does get more tired and now has to take daily naps, but she bounces right back.

Senior sit up board

An on-going exercise habit can help when needed the most.

If you would look at her life, she is doing what she did before her cancer diagnosis. She exercised before, was in good health and as I said lived a very full and active life. When you learn that she had cancer, she knew that her body was already armored to fight the disease, and the resulting treatment and her exercise kept her in top shape to deal with the consequences of her disease.

If you go on line and do a search “the benefits of exercise in dealing with cancer”, you will find pages of articles that describe the benefits of exercise in dealing with cancer and whatever treatments are prescribed. When asked by friends how long she has to live, she tells them that she wants to live as long as she feels healthy and is able to stay active.

We all know that from the day we are born, we need to understand that life is filled with challenges and that the scales are not fair in how they allocate the challenges. As we age, we will face health challenges. Being active, engaged and having a vigorous routine of regular exercise, is one of the best ways to make sure that your body is well equipped to deal with the challenges.

I know this from first hand experience. For the first 60 years of my life, I had very few medical problems. Then I hit my 60’s and I had type two diabetes, 16 days in the hospital for lower GI infections that could have wiped me out. It took a long time, but I recovered. I gradually was able to begin exercising using Outdoor Exercise Equipment and eventually was back at my former level.

Four years later, a viral infection, shut my kidneys down and I had to spend another 16 days in the hospital. Doing tests for a potential kidney transplant, led to open heart surgery which led me back to the hospital in one week. Two years later, one of the bags of fluid for my dialysis, was infected which sent me back to the hospital for 56 days. After each time, I restarted the exercise and my doctors told me I was still alive because my body was in great shape.

I know people who just love to exercise. They will spend hours working out and tell me the high that they get for the workout. For me and my son, it doesn’t work the same way. Similar to many other people, we see exercise as hard work. Yes, we usually feel better after we exercise but we don’t get the same boost that others do. Yet, here we are still motivating ourselves to exercise, because who knows what the next challenge will be. One thing we know for sure is how important it is to make sure our bodies are well prepared to face the next challenge.

A good part of the reluctance most people have with exercise is that it can hurt. The smart people will adopt a graduated program, starting light and gradually increasing the weight, time or intensity of their exercise routine. Some people treat starting an exercise routine as they do a diet. They have goofed off for many years, yet expect that a week or two will produce “results.” One piece of advice we would give is to be realistic. If you have avoided exercise for years, it is going to take a lot more than a couple of weeks to achieve your desired goal.

That is why I and countless professionals encourage you to make exercise a part of your life plan very early in life, and continue it through the passage of time. But if you come to exercising late in life, starting day one and continuing over the future years, you can achieve the same benefit. The body is very forgiving but the body will appreciate your effort.

I started this company thirteen years ago. We develop and sell outdoor fitness equipment and have thousands of installations in North America. Unlike a gym, the equipment is easy to use, located in the outdoors, and we provide a variety of equipment to accommodate most ages and body types. We have equipment for seniors, that provides a well rounded exercise program and yet has allowances for our age and body condition. I encourage you to check out our web site and find a location near you that has our Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Outdoor Gym Equipment For Seniors

The TriActive America web site contains rotating banners focusing on particular market that have benefitted from our Outdoor Gym Equipment such as Parks and Recreation, Military and Kids. One other page on our website discusses how our Outdoor Gym Equipment benefits Senior citizens. As a senior, issues specific to the health and welfare of seniors is very important to me.

One value to the rotating banners on our website is that it shows industries and verticals that our Outdoor Gym Equipment works best for.  For several years, we have had equipment that is specifically designed for seniors who have physical limitations and these products can be found in the Multi-Gym Modular system.  Another line of Outdoor Gym Equipment that is tailored with those that have physical limitations in mind is our Wheelchair Accessible Equipment line. One area of particular importance is that there is increasing interest in products from things such as Park and Recreation senior focus programs, 50+ living communities, and residential properties that scale services to seniors from the very active, to those who have serious physical limitations.

There is a broad market segment that is now focused on the fact that the entire Baby Boomer generation is over the age of 50 and retiring in increasing numbers. As time goes on, the trend of retiring Baby Boomers is only going to increase. Many of these baby boomers have led active lifestyles and want their future and retirement years to offer a variety of activities such as exercise. Senior focused programs are taking this fact into account and adapting their properties and programs to meet the increased interest in properties and programs that serve this diverse population group.

While there are several seniors that are willing and able to live a very active lifestyle, there are others who are not as fortunate.  In prior generations, these people were bypassed or ignored however that isn’t the case anymore.  As a result of legislation such as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and increased demand from vocal seniors, these trends are changing for the better. The one constant in my research is the evidence that has been established by the medical community on the value of exercise in promoting a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.  Finding the Outdoor Gym Equipment or program that fits a person’s individual needs, is now much easier to accomplish.

At TriActive America, our lines of Outdoor Gym Equipment offer selections that are suitable for nearly all seniors who want to include exercise as part of their daily life. I encourage all seniors (whether or not you are retired) to join the outdoor fitness revolution to help open the door to a life that is filled with hope and opportunity.

How Outdoor Exercise Equipment Can Help With Autism

Recently, I have noticed an increased focus on Autism in places such as websites and scientific foundations on ways to help autistic children live an increasingly richer and fuller life.

A series of studies have been released focusing on the benefits of outdoor physical exercise. One I found very helpful was produced by the Autism Research Institute.

As a disclaimer, I am not an expert in working with autistic children. However, I do read a number of reports and studies on the benefits of physical exercise. I can also take complicated scientific studies and put the conclusions in ways that are easy to communicate.

One of the studies noted that autistic children are often overweight or obese and lack muscle tone and poor flexibility. In the long term, this can lead them to living a much less active and unhealthy lifestyle.

Another common issue with autistic children is a poor diet. Autistic children are more prone to reject foods with various flavors or textures and are prone to diets heavy in carbs and sugars. In turn, these dietary choices reinforce an unhealthy lifestyle.

A lack of physical exercise and a poor diet increases the likelihood of having an autistic child become an autistic adult with limited opportunities to live a full and healthy life. As awareness is being raised for autism, it is up to us as a society to do what we can do each day to improve the quality of life for those who have autism.

The good news is that there is hope to be found in the form of physical exercise. In my career, I have conducted research for our company looking for trends and new options for our Outside Exercise Equipment. In nearly every instance where illness or disease is mentioned, the conclusion is that physical exercise is the key to helping that person get in better shape and lead a healthier lifestyle.

In the case of Autistic children, Autism produces high levels of self-stimulatory behavior. Active physical exercise reduces the level of self-stimulating behavior the same as it does with non-autistic children.

Autistic children benefit from outdoor physical exercise. The smell of fresh air and sunshine enhances the senses and produces a positive mental attitude.

Physical exercise will also help in improving the child’s eating habits. Exercise usually produces an appetite for healthier foods. During exercise, the body burns carbs for energy and protein to produce muscle. The body sends messages to the brain and those messages are translated into a desire for more healthy food to fuel this active body.

Autistic children, like their non-autistic peers, need a variety of exercise and would benefit from Outside Exercise Equipment. Cardio is key, in that it ignites the energy and calls into play many of the body’s muscle groups. Another exercise group that is extremely important is flexibility and balance. This will reduce stress and improve sleep and reaction time. These are all areas that the use of TriActive America Outside Exercise Equipment can help with for both autistic children and their non-autistic peers.

Spring Forward With Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Yell, “it’s Spring!”

I think most of us are tired of winter and ready to get back outside.  I live in California and this year’s intense rains have conquered five years of relenting drought.  I looked out the widow of my house and saw my fruit trees were in blossom and then full foliage.  People love being active in the outdoors.  Years ago communities built crude outdoor fitness equipment stations (par courses) along public trails.  The idea of these were to combine cardio, with equipment that provided balance and flexibility.

The 2nd TriActive America Fitness Zone at Cuesta College in 2004

Those original installations were made from wood with metal inserts.  Go take a look at some of these early installations and you find equipment that is no longer usable.  Our TriActive America outdoor fitness equipment is made from high grade steel that has been rust primed and powder coated to last for a number of years.  Every few days I drive by our first TriActive America Fitness Zone and feel proud that the original equipment installed in the spring of 2004 is still being used and looks great.

I volunteer for our local community college and it is there that we installed the second TriActive America Fitness Zone.  That was in the summer of 2004, and like our first installation the equipment is used regularly and looks great.

But what is even better is that we have taken several steps up from the original par courses, in that we offer equipment designed to provide, strength, flexibility, balance in addition to the original cardio and stretch.  TriActive America has designed outdoor fitness equipment to serve user populations from pre-teen to aging adults.  I am 76 and am know starting to appreciate the toll that time takes on a person’s body.  TriActive America has a solution with Multi-Gym Modular System and our Accessible Multi-Gym.

If your mobility is restricted to using a wheel chair, TriActive America has The Swivel Seat and the Wheelchair Rickshaw.  No matter what age you are or if you have physical limitations, TriActive America has the outdoor fitness equipment that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Outside Fitness Equipment Helps Maximize the Power Of Exercise

Jim Sargen on an Air Walker

As the Founder of TriActive America, I do my best to practice what I preach. We started the outdoor exercise revolution here in the United States and while I do most of my exercising on TriActive America’s Outside Fitness Equipment, I also have two gym memberships.

Now you may be asking yourself, “You started the outside exercise revolution, why would you have multiple gym memberships?” the answer to this question is that I see it as a way to research how other people exercise and how this information can be used to improve our Outside Fitness Equipment to help people exercise better.

One recent trend I have noticed is that there have been more people over the age of 50 that are exercising. This is an encouraging trend in comparison to past years. With the exception of busier peak hours for the millennial generation, these days the majority of people that are exercising are over the age of 50.

As the saying goes, “some things never change” unfortunately the one thing staying constant even with other exercise trends changing is that many of the 50+ crowd are putting in a lot of time and effort exercising but are getting very poor results.

In the meetings I have with our designers at TriActive America, our focus is on developing Outside Fitness Equipment that gives users a full range of motion which in turn gives everyone the benefit of all the energy that is expended.

The reason why this area is important is because when exercises are not properly executed, one common result is muscle pulls that can be very painful and discourage people from continuing to exercise.

One inevitable reality of aging is that our muscles become more prone to injury from simple and routine movements. The older we all get, the more important it becomes that even routine exercises and movements are done correctly.

Injuries due to improperly executed exercises are an issue that is not exclusive to the 50+ crowd. Every day there are sports reports on athletes who injured themselves while improperly executing exercises.

This is something that I can personally relate to. Recently, I was suffering from muscle pulls around my elbow joints. However, I had recently figured out how I was improperly using the equipment. One major point to make is that this was from the usage of indoor gym equipment and yet another example of how indoor equipment design can lead to injury.

On a positive note, I am able to report that after 13 years of using TriActive America Outside Fitness Equipment, I have never been injured by using this equipment. At TriActive America, we design our Outside Fitness Equipment to be used by age groups ranging from pre-teens to seniors and everything in between.

Do you dislike the fact that you have to continually adjust and re-configure indoor equipment? You are not alone and we understand this frustration. Because of this, our TriActive America Outside Fitness Equipment is frequently designed to fit all body types and sizes.

All TriActive America Outside Fitness Equipment also carries simplified instructions for proper use and our website also provides additional videos and instructional materials. This helps to address the issue seen with indoor exercise equipment where adults are not sure how to use it. While TriActive Outside Fitness Equipment is not designed for younger children, they are frequently attracted to it and are instinctively able to figure out how to use it.

This reinforces the lesson that as we inevitably age, the mindset and instincts we had as children stays with us over the years.

Never to old to exercise

Ray Chavez, 104 years-old, eldest Pearl Harbor survivor exercises daily.

I was watching the morning news while riding my exercise bike.  I do this six days a week for a half hour, varying intensity in 1-2 minute bursts, when a story appeared that captured my attention.  The story was about the oldest Pearl Harbor survivor, who at 104, is planning on attending this years 75th anniversary.  But what really captured my attention was the report that at 102, he was down to 95 lbs and was in feeble condition, when he made a decision to start regular exercise.  He has been working out at the gym with a trainer these past two years and has gained 20 lbs, mostly muscle.  Instead of using a wheel chair or walker he is moving on his own two feet.

TriActive America has been in business for over nearly fourteen years.  We began the outdoor fitness market with the aim of making exercise available to the large majority of the population.  Our outdoor fitness equipment can be found in parks, schools, on college campuses and cruise ships.  I am 76 and two population groups have been at the heart of this effort.  The young and the aging.  Young people are now more sedentary, consume loads of carbs and sugar and get very little exercise.  Those in my age range often are subject to health conditions that are the result of poor diet and a lack of physical activity.

For many years, I have used Google search to find articles related to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle composed of healthy eating and being active.  Articles have repeatedly commented on the befits of exercise as an aid in dealing with major health issues, from heart disease to cancer in all forms.  Exercise turns on the body’s natural ability to fight diseases and restore people to good health.

If your like me, I daily have aches or pains, but staying active helps me overcome these conditions and lead a very active life.  If a 104 year old Pearl Harbor survivor can benefit from exercise, then you can too.  Remember to check with your doctor to help find what form of exercise or physical activity is best for you.

Building a better community

My mother was a type 1 diabetic.  So for many years my doctors told me to expect that I would become diabetic.  That day arrived on my 61st birthday exam.  I had regularly exercised, ate a healthy diet and was active.  But then I decided I needed to get serious.  That meant cutting some things out of my diet, like french fries, french bread and ice cream.  I upped the exercise and increased my walks.  My doctor gave me an A for keeping my diabetes under control.  One other major thing happened.  I started looking around at other people and at children in particular and noted that there was indeed an obesity problem in our country.

Community exercise in China is the standard approach to individual wellness. They start young. 

An extended trip to China showed me that community centered exercise produced real results.  The Chinese love to eat and multi course meals are a par.  But they are constantly active.  Driving by a McDonalds one morning, I noted the entire employee crew outside doing exercises.  Then later from my hotel room I looked down on the roof of an elementary school and saw all the students and faculty in group exercise.

TriActive America was born when, in Beijing, my wife and I noticed rudimentary exercise equipment and people of all ages from grandparents to small kids using the equipment.  The deal was closed when I noticed my wife, who was not a fan of exercise, using the equipment.  It took a couple of years to get all of the elements together that resulted in the first fitness zones in the America’s.

During my professional career, I have balanced family, work and volunteering.  At a conference focused on the health and wellness of children, I was shocked to learn that diabetes was the fastest new medical condition to affect young people.  I also learned that kids with Type 1 diabetes were also developing Type 2 diabetes.  In my mind, I accepted that adults have the ability to make decisions affecting their health and even if the decisions are not healthy ones, they have the ability to make changes.  With kids, this is not the case.  Young people do not have the information or the capability to tie all of the information into making intelligent decisions affecting their health.  They need help from adults.

In my mind I saw a connection between free community exercise areas.  My first career was in City Management.  In developing annual budgets most city revenue is allocated to public safety and public works.  What is left over goes to parks and recreation, senior services, libraries and the like.  It then occurred to me that connecting the many different groups in a community, sufficient funds could be raised to place fitness zones in community parks and schools.

Over the years TriActive America has encouraged communities, parents groups, charitable organizations to tap into the community resource base that has an interest in making sure that their community is a place that encourages healthy activity.  A number of projects have been sponsored by local service organizations, like Rotary, Lions and similar groups.  Installations in communities were supported by grants from NFL based franchises.  The medical community has a vested interest in helping local communities offer healthy outlets.  One installation in Louisiana was the result of efforts by  local Camp Fire Girls and their parents.  They worked with their local water district to provide the land and some funds and the installation was provided by local volunteers, including the Girls parents and siblings.

There are numerous examples of local partnerships and the greatest benefit is that an entire community came together to make it happen.  I hope that this article is helpful in encouraging local citizens to take responsibility for ensuring the health of their friends and neighbors.


Getting fit in the great outdoors

I’ve got to be truthful, I do exercise indoors, although I do prefer being outdoors in the fresh air.  I look for every opportunity, but it’s not always convenient.  There is one benefit to exercising in indoor gyms.  The first is that I can see people, fixated on the screens mounted on their bikes,  treadmills or any of a bunch of combo equipment.  I contrast this to the outdoors experience.  For one thing, the air is fresh and not  the smell of sweaty gym clothes.  Nothing turns me off faster than that “gym” smell.  It’s just a sterile environment.  That’s why I found the idea of developing outdoor exercise equipment for the outdoors so appealing.  One big turn on is that “gym fashion” doesn’t matter.  Wear what you want.  This particularly true with mature women .  Who wants to be compared with girls in their early twenties  wearing their Lulu Lemon tights.

On of our early installations in the Los Angeles area featured four older women, in their warm ups, riding an exercise bike, chatting and smiling.  They were having a fun time exercising.  Contrast that to the indoor gym setting I mentioned in the previous paragraph.  When I think of outdoor excise or activity, the word “freedom” pops into my mind.  Physical limits have been removed and you have the freedom to move in many different ways.  No wonder that most of our favorite pastimes are spent in the outdoors.  Golf, tennis, swimming, cycling, walking are all outdoor activities.

I have had people say, “why do we need outdoor fitness equipment, when people golf, run, walk, play tennis, hike and all the other outdoor activities that comprise a large part of our recreation.”  All of these activities are great and people should continue this activity.  The fact is that our bodies require a variety of exercise to provide a balanced mix to provide the best benefit.  Most outdoor activities are cardio based and cardio is an important component of a well maintained body.  Their are five groups of exercise that provide a well balanced exercise program.  They are strength, cardio, flexibility, coordination and balance.  Try Active America produces outdoor exercise equipment designed to fit each of these groups.

Going beyond individual outdoor exercise equipment, Tri Active America has designed a series of “packages” of equipment designed to meet the specific needs of various population groups.  Our kids package, “Let’s Move Kids” features outdoor exercise equipment designed to provide a safe and fun outdoor exercise for kids.  At the opposite end of the program is the “Olympian”.  You get it this group of outdoor fitness equipment is designed for the person focused on more intensive exercise experience and covers all exercise groups.  Other packages are “The Lean and Green Gym”, The “Challenger”, “The Trail Blazer”, Cross Train, Muscle Beach and for our men and women isn uniform, “Bust Your Butt.”

Chris Litvinchuk (left) and Bruce Carson are available to help you through the sales process.

I encourage you to contact our sales representatives.  Both Bruce Carson and Chris Litvinchuk have been with TriActive America since 2004.  They have become recognized for their high level of customer service and knowledge as TriActive America has shaped the outdoor fitness industry.  TriActive America brought the outdoor exercise equipment market to the America’s, and TriActive America continues to lead the way in innovating equipment, finding ways to make installation cheaper and easier, and adhering to the highest standards of ASTM for outdoor fitness equipment.  Call them Toll Free at 1-800-587-4228 or by email to or to  I encourage you to go to our web site, which provides a broad picture of the capabilities of TriActive America’s commitment to outdoor fitness.

Bust your butt.

TriActive America has designed outdoor fitness equipment that meets the needs of most populations. Over the next few blogs I will focus on one category. This blog it’s about our outdoor fitness equipment and the package that supports our military.

Take time to access our TriActive America web site, and then click on the button for Military. This segment focuses on equipment that has in large part been designed to meet the requirements of the military. The military has pioneered outdoor exercise and boot camp training to hone the skills of Americas service men and women.

TriActive’s outdoor fitness equipment is meant to supplement the boot camp model and to keep service personnel in top physical condition.

From the time that the company began selling the first outdoor fitness equipment to the present, Triactive has been meeting the needs of US service members. Our outdoor fitness gyms are in use at Guantanamo Bay, Kuwait, Nome Alaska, the Pentagon, and at service bases around the globe.

But our outdoor fitness equipment is just not for service personnel, but also their families, base personnel and support members. The goal is to help keep the military family in the best condition possible, healthy and active.  Military families move when the service person is reassigned.  This can be stressful as it means upending relationships and having to develop new patterns.  Some of these assignments are abroad and families not only have to adjust to new locations, but also different cultures and lifestyles.

Regular exercise can help.  When a person exercises, hormones are released into the body that helps the body cope with stress.  Drugs have become an easy “fix” when a person is stressed or depressed.  The problem is that as time moves on, increased doses of drugs may be required to maintain that good feeling.  Exercise on the other hand is a drug free solution that in many instances produces a more satisfying solution.  Each of us react differently to the benefits of exercise.  My son and I were talking about the “endorphin” high that some people feel after an exercise session.  We both fell better, but don’t necessarily get that buzz.  But that’s the point.  Exercise provides steady and positive benefits.  You may not get the “high”, but after a period of time, you will notice a marked improvement in your attitude and disposition.

Helping improve quality of life for our nation’s service personnel and their families provides the Tri Active America team with that buzz, from knowing that what we do in our daily work can have an important benefit to the men and women who safeguard our way of life.  Thank you America’s military and military families.